The Story So Far

Arc One: First Drop

Lost deep in the tunnels of the city, The Gang first meets, only to discover more dangerous things might be around the corner.

Arc Two: Burning Rubber

Desperate for supplies, the gang struggles to fulfill a dangerous bargain as they hunt their way through the Holy Motor Corporation.

Arc Three: Mallrats

Finally able to catch their breath, The Gang gets a jaunty little tour of The Mezzanines as they make new allies and enemies across the HMC.

Arc Four: Manse Macabre

Hoping to help Anna, The Gang finds themselves trapped in her old haunt The Manse as they untangle the twisted threads of shared history.

Arc Five: HMTA Sweet HMTA

Arc Six: Last Resorts

Last Resorts

Arc Eight: Deep Sump Gothique

Arc Seven: Rerouted