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Very Loud Sound; Muffled Yeehaw | First Drop Pt. 1
Nov 23 2020 | EP1
Our Gang gets knocked down! In the blasted techno-industrial hellscape they find themselves in will they ever find their way home? Probably not! Joe finds a family, Ollie learns to yeehaw, and Greg has a run-in with scissors.
The Holy Motor Corporation Welcomes You! | First Drop Pt. 2
Nov 23 2020 | EP2
But they get back up again! And despite traps, capture, and a general inability to parse complex directions, nothing’s ever gonna keep them down! Joe eats some gel, Ollie blows it, and Greg stockholms his way to success.
Scrawny, Crawly, and Toothy | Burning Rubber Pt. 1
Dec 07 2020 | EP3
Having made a desperate deal with Josipha, our gang heads a hundred floors down to hunt the SecureSoft Central Control Unit and gets their first taste of holy motor hospitality. A burning is afoot! Ollie does the robot, Joe levels up, and Greg gets in touch with his own mortality.
The Parish Proper | Burning Rubber Pt. 2
Dec 21 2020 | EP4
Wounded and with their route cut off, our gang hunkers down, does some casual looting, and gets to know their headless hostess Anna, whose directions might just push them even further into the chaos of the ongoing burning. Greg’s clothes quest comes to an end, Joe lines his pockets, and Ollie makes a friend.
Cristoph and Clyde | Burning Rubber Pt. 3
Jan 04 2021 | EP5
As our gang wades deeper into the SecureSoft infestation they bump head first into new faces, both friendly and far from it, and learn some deeply concerning new information about the Holy Motorists. Joe fails a stealth roll right into everyone’s hearts, Ollie picks up some new tricks, and Greg does a punch real good.
Into the Woods | Burning Rubber Pt. 4
Jan 18 2021 | EP6
After laying the dead to rest and saying their goodbyes, our gang takes the long way around to try and catch SecureSoft unawares, but chaos seems to follow, and so does a chatty old friend. Greg springs a trap, Ollie plays it by the book, and Joe discovers the true nature of the infestation.
Heart of the Infestation | Burning Rubber Pt. 5
Feb 1 2021 | EP7
Trapped, hurt, and more than a little over it, our gang finally squares off against the Central Control Unit, but can they win without everything crashing down around them? Joe goes to town, Greg falls down a hole, and Ollie gets her hands dirty.
Rush Hour | Burning Rubber Pt. 6
Feb 15 2021 | EP8
Having Resolved to chase down their weakened quarry and pursued by Knights of the Parish, our gang makes literally the worst decisions possible and quickly learn the biggest danger to themselves… is themselves. Joe puts pedal to metal, Ollie takes the wheel in more ways than one, and Greg loses sight of the goal right at the finish line.
Horizontal Elevating | Mallrats Pt. 1
Mar 15 2021 | EP9
Change comes to the Parish, along with our gang, as they slowly straggle their way back to the Big Liars camp and finally get some much-needed, if not well-deserved, rest. Greg can’t see what all the fuss is about, Ollie has complicated car-feels, and Joe eats the long shrimp.
Deputy Joe | Mallrats Pt. 2
Mar 29 2021 | EP10
Against their better Judgement, our gang cuts across the mezzanines to meet with the mysterious voice from Anna’s radio and find more answers and ambushes than they even knew to look for. Greg gives a PSA, Joe spreads the wealth, and Ollie keeps getting caught staring.
Breaker of Chains | Mallrats Pt. 3
Apr 12 2021 | EP11
Fully deputized and elevating downward into the winding chaos of the inner mezzanines, our gang run their first errand for Tove and The Atlas, only to run right into previously dodged trouble and much more than they quite literally bargained for. It’s a Blast! Greg strikes a pose, Ollie sticks to her guns, and Joe continues his crimes against shellfish.
Block of Many Things | Mallrats Pt. 4
Apr 26 2021 | EP12
Trying not to think too hard on their latest harrowing discovery, our gang attempts to neatly finish their errand and manage to sneak in a little time for retail therapy, heartbreak, hallucinogens, and a few familiar faces while they’re at it. Joe finds some local color, Greg falls in love with a tool, and Ollie stumbles backwards into her fortune.
Hello! Hello! | Manse Macabre Pt. 1
Jun 8 2021 | EP13
Back at camp, our gang arrives just in time to say goodbye again before driving off into the heightened mystery and decrepit mess of Anna’s hometown. Ollie tries to fix the unfixable, Greg finds his footing, and Joe bites the bullet and becomes a hero.
The Least Ethical Consumption Under Capitalism | Manse Macabre Pt. 2
Jun 21 2021 | EP14
Our gang could sure use a nap, but between being trapped in the Manse, pushed passed the reasonable bounds of sanity, and no closer to helping Anna or completing their task, things take a turn a titch for the worse with a dinner party. Greg bends the knee, Joe legs it, and Ollie’s gonna carry that weight.
Foyerism | Manse Macabre Pt. 3
Jul 5 2021 | EP15
Taking a trip down memory lane, Our Gang finds their way back right where they started only to discover exactly what it is that they’ve lost this time. Ollie keeps her thoughts to her self for a change, Greg falls asleep on the job, and Joe fondly recalls his first time.
The Kitty Cavity | Manse Macabre Pt. 4
Jul 19 2021 | EP16
With their party totally wiped, their gear stolen, and Anna still injured and now missing, our gang tries to sneak their way back into Harriet’s wing in desperate attempt to get back on a sure footing, something they learn is a rare commodity in the Manse. Joe catches a chill, Ollie loses hers, and Greg has a disquieting private moment in the powder room.
Fever Dreams | Manse Macabre Pt. 5
Aug 16 2021 | EP17
A lone Joe dances desperately against fate and the unbearable weight of responsibility, as the rest of our gang drifts off again into their collective past and uncover deep secrets that could threaten to rock the foundations of the Manse. Joe fails to find personal security in friendship, Greg goes off course, and Ollie says goodbye.
Goodbye! Goodbye! | Manse Macabre Pt. 6
Aug 30 2021 | EP18
After a long and perilous tour through the manse, our gang is completely star-struck as they finally face off against the Collator, painful memories, and the strain of it all. Joe cuts loose, Ollie gets down, and Greg finds out just how much of a handful Harriet can be.
The Biggest Numbers | HMTA Sweet HMTA Pt. 1
Sep 27 2021 | EP19
Settling gracelessly back into holy motor living, our gang takes a little time to settle nerves, mend old wounds, and focus on their careers. Joe cooks up some camaraderie, Greg stitches together a few friends, and Ollie fixates a little too much on fixing.
Long Form Theft | HMTA Sweet HMTA Pt. 2
Oct 11 2021 | EP20
A little richer, a little poorer, and with some newfound cash to burn, our gang takes a friendly little day trip to the city. Ollie flunks out of magic school, Joe makes an inconvenient scene, and Greg makes an unrequested hiring decision.
Hiatus, Anniversary, and Q&A | Announcements
Nov 08 2021 | EP20.5
Some news regarding our future episode releases, Salvage's upcoming first anniversary, and more.
First Anniversary Q&A Chat | Announcements
Nov 23 2021 | EP20.5.2
We have a casual chat looking back on one year of Salvage episodes, and answer some listener questions.
So Fast Nothing Matters | Last Resorts Pt. 1
Jan 03 2022 | EP21
Elevating horizontally away from the HMC on a mission for the Atlas, the Gang has a very bumpy and surprisingly swanky first foray into the greater city. Greg attracts some extremely unwanted attention, Ollie makes fast friendships, and Joe broths fire.
When the Lights Come On | Last Resorts Pt. 2
Jan 17 2022 | EP22
Sliding their way into station, our gang finally arrives in Casio Dell Nividia! Though not without a few unasked for complications and new acquaintances as they try to follow up on what little leads they have. Ollie cleans up yet another bloody mess, Joe finds his place on life’s stage, and Greg gets a blast from way back.
Ep 23: Rubble and Blood | Last Resorts Pt. 3
Jan 31 2022 | EP23
Shot, stabbed, chopped, and screwed, Greg struggles to survive an unknown assailant as the rest of our gang desperately scrambles to save him. Greg hops the rails, Joe kicks the can, and Ollie patches a couple leaks.
Ep 24: Red, the Synthesized Blood of Angry Men | Last Resorts Pt. 4
Feb 15 2022 | EP24
Hunted by mystery assailants or not the band plays on, as our gang finally rests a beat and gets acquainted with the underground. Ollie gets crushed, Joe gets a hero’s welcome, and Greg follows a vapor trail.
Ep 25: Black, the Dark of TV Screens Past | Last Resorts Pt. 5
Mar 14 2022 | EP25
heir secret meeting with Joanna drawing closer and a series of unexpected guests further complicating their affairs, our gang takes a wild stab at stealing the living map of the floor. Ollie gets served, Joe spikes it, and Greg gets to know the new neighbors.
Ep 26: Here There Be Bullshit | Last Resorts Pt. 6
Mar 29 2022 | EP26
Ambushed again, our gang struggles to learn more about their repeat assailants and the ATLAS’ place in it all before everything comes down around them. It all goes perfectly swimmingly. Joe explosively takes the floor, Greg’s circles the drain, and Ollie makes a deep dive into fine dining.
Ep 27: This Didn't Have to Happen | Last Resorts Pt. 7
Apr 25 2022 | EP27
After spending their entire visit hunted and stalked by the mysterious Burning Rose, our gang finally makes a play to turn the tables. But when push comes to shove, can they do what needs to be done to recover the map from Jeanne? And is it even worth it? Greg gets a lift, Joe orders his stack improperly, and Ollie shoots her eye out.
Was it Worth it, Tunnel Beef Commando? | Last Resorts Pt. 8
May 09 2022 | EP28
With the situation in Casio Dell Nividia deteriorating rapidly and only a momentary upper hand to call their own, can our gang maintain their momentum and ride it back home to safety, or will it all come screeching to a dead stop? Greg cuts the tension, Joe goes in for a jaw-realignment, and Ollie floors it.
Hiccup and a Cough | Rerouted Pt. 1
Jun 06 2022 | EP29
Run aground on a barely familiar rail, and unable to repair their MLM, The Gang takes brief detour tunnelward. Gregory ‘Beefheart’ Idgaff stomps again, Joe comes clean, and Ollie snoozes herself all the way home.
We’ll Leave the Light on For You | Rerouted Pt. 2
Jun 20 2022 | EP30
Their detour destination finally made clear, Our gang gets the rare opportunity to enjoy embarrassing Ridley as they make themselves comfortable in their coworker’s family home. Greg gets personable, Joe tanks it, and Ollie plays chaperone.
I Planted those Chicken Seeds; Maybe Some of them will Grow | Rerouted Pt. 3
Jul 05 2022 | EP31
Having taken their time falling in with Ridley’s family, our gang finally makes it to Midway Station for parts, repairs, and a little personal shopping. Joe has a terminally online experience, Ollie tools around, and Greg grabs a drink.
Nerve Damage is Forever | Rerouted Pt. 4
Aug 01 2022 | EP32
Hearing word of Ollie’s brother for the first time since their descent, Our Gang goes out on a limb for a fateful meeting. Greg stews, Joe boils, and Ollie unwinds fitfully.
Shrimpin' Ain't Easy | Deep Sump Gothique Pt. 1
Aug 29 2022 | EP33
Still a little shaken by recent revelations, Our Gang says their goodbyes and winds their way home, only to find their welcome party a little lacking. Greg masters the trout, Ollie spins her wheels, and joe gets learned in letters.